Winter Garden

A ‘Blank Slate’ …The winter vegetable garden at the cottage near Fressingfield Suffolk. Post Office Pen and ink . Taken …

Neil Cuthbert- Homecoming

Neil Cuthbert: Homecoming
An exhibition of works by Neil Cuthbert returned to the Orange Regional Gallery NSW Australia.
8th April – 4th June

Neil Cuthbert : Homecoming

‘Homecoming’ an exhibition of works from the Jim Deas, Keith Clouton collection 8th April – 4th June 2017

December in Bush Green

December 28th …early morning walk. The sun burnt off the fog later revealing blue skies.

Winnie in Norfolk…

Winnie in Norfolk……much the same as Winnie in NSW…….it’s a dog’s life ?????????

Life Drawing

From the Sunday Life Drawing group at the Orange Cultural Centre
Orange NSW. Poses last from two till 20 minutes
on A2 paper